Successfull 2018!!!

Well I think that this year has been a great success.. let me recap everything myself and my team have been up to.. 

July 2017 - My good buddy Pete Odeven talked me into recording an album and embracing my artist lifestyle.  I was able to raise over $800 in funds from my friends and family to record my debut E.P.

Aug/Dec 2017 -  Myself and a select few of my favorite local musicians recorded our e.p. with Sean Flora... had it pressed to vinyl and CD, as ready to release on pandora, spotify, and 50 other online retailers.

Jan 2018 - We recorded our music video and promo teaser. My band and I paid tribute to the Oakland Tavern, it was a packed house.. and a great time!!  

Feb 2018 - Promotion of release (several album reviews, promo pictures, the release of teaser and music video, as well as radio interviews and local press release) 

March 2018 - ALBUM RELEASE!!! (we had over 200 people show up for our local album release party!!, we sold well over 500 albums in our first month!!!!) 

April 2018 - All the while I had been coordinating with a potential management company, to book my debut west coast tour! We finished up the booking, and began promotion of tour! 

May 2018 - Going Home Tour 2018  - 5 State tour including Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho... visiting and going back to the places I grew up. 

June 2018 - Did I mention I have been playing my residency gigs 5 and 6 days a week in between all of this project? Over 250 gigs a year annually for 5 years.. yet now I am refreshed with the fact that there is a consistent direction musically, brand wise, etc.. that I'm headed in. The trajectory

July 2018 - My band and I were invited to play the 1st annual battle of the bands at the Douglas Co. Fairgrounds. and we won! What did we win? 

    - $2000 prize 

    - We got to play before the town firework show, which included 1500 people!!! 

August 2018 - I sign with Three13 Management and Kimberly Harris and her staff join my team, and we opened up for our first national act

Shane Smith & The Saints at well know venue in Eugene, OR

September 2018 - Personal break, my baby Elizabeth Jolene Johnson Canales is born 8lbs 4oz!!! :) :)

Oct/Dec 2018 - Holiday seasons begins.. which means a heavy schedule of local events to play as well as the booking of Ramble On Tour 2019

JAN 2019 - RAMBLE ON TOUR 2019 which includes opening up for internationally renown blues man and band Tommy Castro and The Painkillers in Tucson, AZ... my old stomping grounds. 


So for a moment of reflection...

While I was writing all this out.. I realized that I have been fighting a lot of personal battles in my mind. There is a lot of professional work that went into this simplified recap. I worked hard this year. But the stuff that gets left out is my overwhelming insecurities, constant self awareness of my faults and mistakes and accomplishments, my battle with self-control over my mind.. which is raging on as we speak. My battle to keep a happy marriage, and make sure that I am a good example for my children. The battle to keep my house and yard in order. Taking care of my relationships with family, and my friendships. Enjoying the symbolism of some of the personal and professional overlap that comes with being an artist.  

These are all examples of what it is to be alive, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love my life. I'm extremely proud of my wife Paty and my kids, Thomas Creveston, Steven Amari, Nate Hanson, Ben Anderson, my manager Kimberly, Jade Woods Photography, Brian Deck Video, my mentor and friend Pete, my mom, dad, brother, and sister for inspiring me, , and everyone else who helped me make this wonderful reality. 

Everything we accomplished this year is because we followed our hearts, and let our souls shine!!! I believe that this small (it's big to me) success is only because we've been as real as we can possibly get, we've been true as North this year.. and at the end of the day. I can rest my laurels on that. 

2019 is my 5 year anniversary of quitting my job to pursue music for a living... so not only is this year in reflection for me.. but the last 5 years are for reflection. I've accomplished more personally and professionally as a high school drop out musician than myself or anyone ever thought!! I bought a house, paid off cars, raising a family, as well as beat major personal and painful battles that I can't begin to write about here... (of course my wife Paty gets all the credit in the world for making it all happen.) We've built up a great thing.

I just have to keep myself from fucking it all up now. haha!

Thank you so much for everything!! Happy 2019!!! Lets make it a great year!!! 


   The Johnson Family 


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