Extended Play Catalogue Vol. 1

Neil Gregory Johnson

July 8th, I woke up and decided I wanted to professionally record a 5 song e.p. I started making phone calls and about 3 calls in I got a hold of Sean Flora (Cake, The Shins, Black Keys) and decided he was the one.

From there I created a Kickstarter Crowdfund Campaign to fund the deposit for the studio, and also see if I would have any support.

Much to my surprise, It was a success and In 3 days I had raised a total of $800 to fund a studio trip scheduled for the end of Aug 2017.

My good friend Stephen Amari (Bass) and I worked for 6 weeks prepping and towards the end we worked out our parts with Nate Hanson (Perc). Our pre-production was solid, and we had something to work with.

From August to December we spent just over a 100 hours tracking, mixing, and mastering 5 songs plus a bonus song that I had recorded in 2015.

It has been a labor of love, and I can honestly say with all of my heart, that this record is as honest and true to myself as I can possibly be.


Location: Douglas County, Oregon

Genera: Americana, Blues, Rock

About:  Neil Gregory Johnson is a singer-songwriter from the northwestern, United States.

Raised up from either a pack of wolves or a family of traveling musicians (no one really knows), Neil has developed a passion for the pick-up gig; The "show up-and-blow doors" mentality; The "where in the hell did this guy come from?!" league; and it has gotten him into the hearts of many who have had the pleasure of watching his performance.


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If the absolute thrill of organic, crisp, satisfying blues rock and roll is enough to raise you from your winter slump, the opening few moments of Three Days On The Wagon from Neil Gregory Johnson’s EP will have you flying high in an instant.”


With Neil Gregory Johnson, the throwback vibe is his native sound though. That’s who he is as an artist, instead of something he’s chasing because it’s hot.”


The results truly do speak for themselves, he’s done a wonderful job on the songs throughout the Extended Play Catalogue Vol. 1 EP…the man writes a great tune & has real soul in his voice.”



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