1. Photograph

From the recording Sad Songs For Stay At Home Dads

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Neil Gregory Johnson | Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Brett Brooks | Bass
Thomas Whiteside | Percussion
Michael Mendenhall | Keys
Todd Clinesmith | Lap Steel Guitar

Produced and Engineered By Bart Budwig
at Ba Gua Recording Studio in Roseburg, Oregon.
Mastered By George Nardo
at Luna Recording Studios in Tucson, Arizona.

Lyrics and music composed by Neil Gregory Johnson
All Rights Reserved By Neil Gregory Johnson 2022


If my bathroom mirror could take my photograph
It'd be a site to see
All the up and downs and outs
And hurt inside of me.

Naked with my heartache
In reflections of my memories
If my bathroom mirror could take my photograph
It be a site to see

If my pillow could film all the dreams
That i've had of you
It'd be a happy picture show with a contrast of blue

Two thumbs down from the critics
And a big bust in the box office too
If my pillow could film all the dreams
That I've had of you

If my tv could televise my sorrow and despair
The ratings would be so bad they’d cancel me off the air

Iif my shower could wash away
The things that i meant to say
Like holy water but hot as hell
To wash my pain away
To purify and cleanse and dry off all of my regret
If my shower had that kinda power
I'd be soaking wet

If i could wash the dirty laundry
I've collected throughout my life
After I throughout the pants I wore
When I was with my ex wife

I'd wash and dry and iron and fold
that shirt that you used to steal
I'd put it away in my dresser drawer
To forget about how I feel